Featured Artists/Catalog of Designs

RAVEN RAMARIA – Sitka, Alaska

Raven Ramaria is a Jill-of-all-trades that ran away from her science degree to make art and pet cats. She’s lived in Sitka, on the Alaskan panhandle since 1999. There’s a lot of nature lying around there, which has influenced and inspired her art style. She loves to create beauty and make people laugh, so her style leans toward cartoony. When not drawing digitally Raven enjoys beading, watercolors, crochet, quilting, soft-sculpting, bothering mushrooms, and watching cartoons. 

Shop for more of her creations at ravensrandom.shop



KARRIE HILL – Soldotna, Alaska

bio pic
Karrie Hill

My whole purpose in creating any piece of art is to make a smile.

I am inspired by many things, mostly nature and animals, but sometimes it’s a cartoon or a burst of colors in the sky. I’m a huge fan of fantasy art and animation, although, my work tends to lean more towards realistic. My favorite medium is watercolors – or watercolors mixed with ink – but I also paint with acrylics.

Sometimes I paint just for me. It might not mean anything, but I am content when I am creating. And that is the best feeling…

I generally work from photographs of my subjects, sometimes spending hours on the internet (google images rocks!) searching random things until something grabs me and I suddenly know exactly what I want to paint! Only, it’s MY version.

Since as long as I can remember, I have been an artist. It is something I just knew, since the very first drawing I recall my Grandma putting on her fridge. It is my aspiration to one day be able to say, when someone asks me what I DO, that

I am an Artist.”

Visit my Artist’s Fan Page on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/KarrieHillsArt/

~* Karrie Hill’s Art *~



KRISTIN KOIV – Kasilof, Alaska

kiki pic

Art has been a form of therapy for Kristin. She has always enjoyed the impossibility of M.C. Escher’s artwork and the optimism of Salvador Dali. Born and raised in Alaska, the Southeast Totemic art has also played a role in influencing her original pieces. She started working with black ink (fine point Sharpie) drawings in 2003, utilizing the zypherism technique to add texture to her artwork. When asked to create a coloring book, she discovered she had a hard time not filling everything in. She has been known to paint store front windows throughout Soldotna and her images are also available on notecards.




Katie pic

Katie Feichtinger was born and raised in Alaska, settling in Cooper Landing for the last ten years.  After years of working in Natural Resources she went back to her passion, being an artist.  Getting inspiration from the beautiful mountains, waters, and animals of the Kenai Peninsula, she enjoys making art work of many types.  Wood burning and pen to ink are the most common though she is a screen printer and most recently took up painting.  When Katie is not creating she can be found fishing, hiking, skiing, spending time with friends and family, and wandering through the forest with her husky dog.





Holly Wiley was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, spending most summers commercially fishing with her father in Clam Gulch. After graduating from high school, she moved back to Alaska to attend college – earning a BA in Psychology and an AA in English. She created and delivered a local Alaskan music radio show called Local Expressions on Kasilof Public Broadcasting for about 5 years where she promoted local Alaskan artists – in all medias. Holly has been sandblasting media since 2011 and named her business Raven Earth & Glass Works after her then 1-year-old daughter. She is a musician, a singer-songwriter, an artist, and a crafter and has been working full-time on her business since January of 2015 with her soul mate Bryan Lazer. She is inspired by the beauty of Alaska, her commercial fishing legacy from her father, the musical influence from her music teacher mother and singer/songwriter aunt, and the everyday awe of existing and working with her children. She is currently working towards her Master’s in Elementary Education and a Waldorf Teacher certification.




chelline pic

Chelline Larsen lives just north of Soldotna, Alaska with her husband, Adam and their 2 dogs, Booker and Norman. Chelline revealed her creative side at a very early age; always drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, sewing – making things. Art classes throughout her school years and some college drawing and surface design courses were the catalyst for a lifetime of creating.

Working in many different mediums over the years, Chelline’s interest turned toward fabric design and silk painting in 1991. Since that time she has produced thousands of pieces, building a successful wholesale scarf business and showing her silks at art fairs and craft shows around the State.

In 2006 Chelline and Adam opened Dragonfly Gallery in Soldotna. The shop displays a varied collection of her work and the creations of many other artists and craftspeople from near and far.  The gallery also houses a small studio space where Chelline offers silk painting classes.  In the summer months the peaceful setting has an amazing flower garden specializing in dahlias and begonias.

“I have always carried an undeniable need to interpret what I see and recreate it into my version. The colors, textures and flow of the natural world inspire me continuously. My art represents a deep sense of wonder and reverence for the amazing living things all around me. For me, making art is essential.  The creative existence is where I belong.





Born and raised in Alaska, Jessie is a young artist who enjoys many different forms of art. She has worked throughout the years to expand her knowledge of artistic styles, which ranges from realistic, to anime and cartoon characters, to tribal and decorative designs. Although she considers drawing to be her favorite, she balances her     interest with photography and poetry. Self taught since childhood, she keeps her grandmother and father’s love of art in her heart and mind as she continues to become the talented artist they knew she would be. Truly a lover of nature, she finds her inspiration within wildlife and the interesting  perspectives of more experienced artists. Striving for the mastery of her own art.


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